Campaign For Vermont

Bruce Lisman responds to the Governor’s Budget Address

January 12, 2012 - Bruce Lisman responds to the Governor’s Budget Address: “I’m disappointed that the Governor said little about improving accountability  and transparency relative to the state budget.  Vermonters deserve to know where and how well their money is being spent.  It’s hard for citizens to know whether this increase in the state budget is acceptable or not.” Read the full response here.

Jeanne Keller on Vermont’s Healthcare “Exchange

January 16, 2012 - Jeanne Keller on Vermont’s Healthcare “Exchange”: "While Act 48 has laudable elements, the approach taken for the health insurance Exchange must be amended this legislative session to take full advantage of the federal law so those depending upon private insurance are not exposed to the risky one-size-fits-all approach…" Read the full op-ed here.

A Message from the Founder

Dear Fellow Vermonters,

One of the great things about Campaign for Vermont is meeting Vermonters committed to the best future possible for all our citizens.  I’ve come to know Jeanne Keller as a smart, strong and independent leader on health care in Vermont. Ms. Keller has been a national health care policy analyst since 1979.  She is President of Keller and Fuller, Inc., a Burlington-based consulting firm.

Since the health care “exchange” is a core component of the new federal and state health care laws, I asked for Jeanne’s opinion on Vermont’s health care reform proposal and to describe how it differs from the approach envisioned by the national legislation. Click here to view her opinion editorial, it’s worth a read.

All the best,